How should I place food in convection ovens to achieve optimum cooking?

Nov 15 / 2016 12:00AM

In convection ovens (Zanolli Teorema ÀnemosPlanet Gas, and Rotor Wind series) it is recommended to place food taking into account the airflow inside the chamber. In these ovens the hot air, responsible for cooking, bakes the food on the edges of the trays first, then moves inwards. Food should not obstruct the air flow.


NO! Incorrect way of placing food during cooking: the hot air will cook the dough on the outside first


OK!! During cooking, the hot air cooked the croissant evenly.

In rotating rack convection ovens (Zanolli Rotor Wind) the food can be placed without following these precautions, as thanks to the rotation of baking trays the air shielding effect is reduced.

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