The right height for cooking chambers

Jun 27 / 2017 12:00AM

In choosing the cooking chamber of your Zanolli oven, the type of product you want to cook needs considering. If the product is low (such as a pizza), just one excessively high cooking chamber may be uneconomical, even though it can still give excellent results.

The Zanolli static oven cooking chambers can reach 30 cm in height depending on the model. In comparison photo: Zanolli electric ovens Teorema Polis PW with 30cm or 18cm chambers, perfect for pizza and medium-sized products or for gastronomy. The Zanolli Citizen PW oven, with a chamber height of 16cm, is the ideal oven for pizzeria production.


The cooking chambers with a lower useful height (18 cm and 16 cm) will consume less energy considering the internal volume to be heated. These heights are therefore suitable for cooking pizzas, pizza slices or gastronomy in low trays.

The Zanolli Synthesis ventilated tunnel oven has a 10cm high cooking chamber, so that no heat is dispersed, the inlet/outlet bulkheads can be adjusted depending on the product you want to cook.


PHOTO Synthesis oven inlet bulkheads, adjustable in 6 positions.

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Synthesis is a revolutionary modular tunnel oven. After having prepared your recipe set the right temperature, decided on the speed for the conveyer and placed the food on it, you can forget the rest. There’s no need to check the product during cooking because the oven will keep it away from the heat preventing it […]

Teorema Polis

The watchword is versatility. If you don’t find the version you are looking for, with Teorema Polis you can create your own for whatever you need from Pastry making to baking and pizza production! You can choose different heights of cooking chamber: 18 cm for baking pizzas or for small pastries 30 cm for baking […]

Citizen PW

The Citizen PW electric oven is especially suitable for cooking pizza, but not only thanks to the exhaust valve fitted as standard. Depending on your specialisation, you can cook round pizzas, on the paddle or in the pan but also all gastronomic dishes. You can choose between the modular and double deck version, and build up your […]