Top\Suction hood, and your oven is complete!

Jul 27 / 2017 12:00AM


The Top is the oven’s upper accessory, it can be seen protruding over the door of the Zanolli ovens, and is used to suck out the heat leaving the oven when the door is opened.

For its ovens, Zanolli offers hoods with suction motors for best removing fumes and smells generated by cooking.

It should always be remembered that the outlet for fumes leaving the suction hood must be connected to a chimney with proper natural draft!



1 – The presence of too many curves and long horizontal pipe sections can lead to problems with expelling fumes. Floating fumes create condensation and dripping from the hood and pipes, the ideal pipe is short and straight.

2 – Never obstruct the hood and do not connect extractors that take heat from the oven causing cooking problems;

3 – It is imperative to always have fresh air circulating around the cooking points on the premises.

4 – Check the presence of operational air intakes for fresh air on the premises.

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