Impacts, liquid and cold foods in ovens… let’s check out the main rules.

Apr 04 / 2017 12:00AM

Glass and refractory materials are subject to wear and tear.

Zanolli oven doors feature double-glazing that is treated in order to make them even stronger. However, it should be remembered that at high temperatures, products such as mozzarella and cold water can break the glass doors.

Be careful not to drop liquid or cold products on glass and refractory materials while baking!

The breaking of glass can also be caused by repeated impacts or by cloths used for cleaning!

Glass does not always break immediately on an impact (e.g. when hit by the oven peel or the baking tray). Cracks invisible to the naked eye can accumulate over time and breakage can even occur while the oven is not working.

When the oven is cold, perform simple and basic checks on these components in order to always work in safety.

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