Ventilated tunnel oven, what savings and versatility!

Jan 10 / 2017 12:00AM

Zanolli Synthesis ventilated tunnel ovens do not have cooking limits!

The partition placed at the tunnel entrance and exit is height adjustable to suit different cooking needs: you can cook products from pizzerias, delis and snacks or complete the cooking cycles of pre-cooked or frozen products, such as baguettes or croissants.

The adjustment settings are very fast. In a given period of time, for the same size cooking chamber, a ventilated tunnel oven can cook a larger amount of food than a  static oven.

Care must be taken with the size of the food, the ventilated tunnel oven cannot fit products that are too tall, furthermore it is not suitable for products over 8 cm, or products that needs vaporisation.

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Synthesis is a revolutionary modular tunnel oven. After having prepared your recipe set the right temperature, decided on the speed for the conveyer and placed the food on it, you can forget the rest. There’s no need to check the product during cooking because the oven will keep it away from the heat preventing it […]