AVGVSTO: the new generation of Zanolli ovens shows further enhancements

Jan 18 / 2019 12:00AM

Hail, my name is AVGVSTO, and this is my new look 2019. I know you’ve been waiting for me for a while. I just underwent restyling and I am now a boutique oven. An oven you can put on display and that will leave you mouth open, just like I am.

I was created in 2017 in Verona by Zanolli Forni. Let me now explain you the reason behind such a long wait after the first launch. Can you see my appeal, my authentic touch? Here is my new look of traditional Italian pizza oven: stage presence, curved outlines and no external part in stainless steel. What a dome and what a marble! I can spare you the complications due to wood burning exhausts: I am electric, though with no external hanging cables to spoil the view or a costly turning platform to maintain.

forno elettrico a cupola

I am ergonomic: I have capacity for 6 or 9 pizza Ø 33, to place on two rows of three pizzas each. Larger versions, including gas, might be just around the corner. My electromechanical control panel is concealable. On the inside, I’m fully covered with refractory ceramic, and I have a warm led light that transmits the effect of a burning fire. I can reach the 500° C in just 95′ and I can cook any kind of pizza in the world. With me, you will obtain a top-quality product, compliant with the traditional cooking parameters typical of the Italian wood fired oven. My productivity is by 30% higher than an ordinary electric oven for 6 pizzas. 90 pizzas per hour, against the 70 pizzas per hour, with an average 7,2 Kw consumption and a cooking time by 20% shorter than other ovens in the same category.

You can pick the color of the dome and place some wood on the base shelf at your whim; I am quite flexible and can easily match what surrounds me. Remember: when I travel I’m always assembled and packed in my crate, I cannot do otherwise. You can try to embrace me: I am less cumbersome than you think. To ease my passage through all doors, you can choose to disassemble me in five pieces.

Have a close look at the way I work, do I look like I’m putting on airs? Discover my patented Air Trap System: I convey the air stored inside the dome towards the mouth to avert the heat outflow. I can guarantee you uniform cooking results along with considerable energy saving.

Have you finished cooking? You can now shut my mouth with a door, I won’t take it bad!

Storing one’s professional tools can sometimes be a hassle. I almost forgot: on the right side, I am equipped with a retractable holder for accessories and when I hold the paddle, I am just as majestic as the roman emperor. Remember: my name is AVGVSTO.


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