Progettare per creare, a book by Giuseppe Marrone

Jun 27 / 2019 12:00AM

A book and user manual filled with theoretical and practical knowledge about the world of pastry making.

Written by pastry chef Giuseppe Marrone in collaboration with CAPAC – Polytechnic of Trade and Tourism of Milan, it combines basic pastry making instructions with sophisticated recipes.

Giuseppe was born in 1983; after studying the classics and the law, he decided to become a pastry chef and teacher. After moving from Palermo to Milan in 2015, he has been dedicating his passion and knowledge to his students.

Ricette di pasticceria di Giuseppe Marrone

Giuseppe has been a Zanolli partner for some years now; one of the chapters in his book deals with different baking techniques, emphasizing the importance of and care involved in choosing the oven best suited to the needs of a pastry maker, an essential tool for achieving success and making the best products.

The chapter “BASICS of pastry making” provides a plethora of technical aspects and useful tips; it prepares both the more and less experienced reader for a tasty review of recipes subtly balanced between technique and creativity.


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