Roof and bedplate in static ovens: how to set the power values?

Dec 13 / 2016 12:00AM

Roof and bedplate are in charge of transmitting heat inside the cooking chamber.

The roof is the top surface of the oven, while the bedplate is the bottom surface (or base) where the food to cook is placed directly on the refractory surface or in baking trays.


PHOTO: knobs for adjusting roof and bedplate power values in static oven: Zanolli Citizen PW

The roof and bedplate power values must be adjusted according to the product to bake.

To get a homogeneous temperature inside the cooking chamber of static ovens, the roof requires more power compared to the bedplate, because the food resting on the oven base receives the heat directly and more effectively from the bedplate than from the roof.

Baking instructions for Italian pizza (diameter 30 cm) are generic and may vary depending on the choices of the pizza chef (dough moisture, toppings, quantity of the product to be baked).

Based on this premise: in a static oven with refractory surface, pizzas can be baked by setting the temperature to 320°C with power values for the roof and bedplate divided into approximately 70% (roof) and 40% (bedplate).

The best results will always depend on the different variables involved, including those mentioned above. Practice keeping these tips in mind and good luck with your work!


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