How do we cook pizzas in the Citizen Gas oven?

Oct 23 / 2018 12:00AM

We know that the characteristics of electric and gas ovens differ in various ways, without affecting the quality of the final product.

The pizza gas oven Citizen GAS is a static oven: the heat from the burner under the cooking chamber heats the stone base of the bottom. The heat rising from the sides heats by natural convection the inside of the chamber and the refractory material at the top.

Zanolli has equipped the Citizen Gas oven with refractory material also on the top for a better cooking, achieved thanks to the heat released by the top refractory stone. This feature allows the warm air to evenly permeate inside the chamber, thus maintaining a constant temperature.

Unlike the electric pizza oven, in a gas oven the power is regulated solely through a maximum/minimum tap in the electromechanical control panel. The tap is connected to the burner and adjusts the power of the flame. The temperature is set through a thermoregulator that stops the flame once it has reached the temperature set.

The refractory material is not like metal: always keep in mind the time needed for the stone base to follow your instructions.

As for all activities, it is enough to familiarise yourself through experience: Do not forget that, as with each pizza maker, every pizza has its own personality: dough, ingredients and maturation time make the difference!


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