The FAIR PLAY ZANOLLI award goes to Vincenzo Mansi

Apr 16 / 2019 12:00AM

Vincenzo Mansi won the Fair Play Zanolli award. The prize, awarded at the 2019 Pizza World Championship, is an accolade to the person who has stood out for their honesty, cooperation and savoir faire. For years Zanolli has been supporting sports and cultural associations beyond the culinary sphere to promote that which is healthy and beautiful in sport and teamwork. Not to forget that sportsmanship is the basis of all competitions. We are therefore proud and grateful to the jury for having awarded Vincenzo Mansi who, in addition to this, placed third on the coveted Pizza a Due podium.


Zanolli’s experience at the 2019 World Pizza Championship was exciting and exhilarating, breathing in the passion and commitment that each pizza maker and team puts into the competition helps us understand how loved the world of pizza is. We have seen professionalism to the highest degree, hard work in the search of the perfect dough, kneading machines that work at 3 am, cover features and stadium cheers. It was a great honour to be there and be able to support our competitors through our technology, we know how important it is to ensure the best cooking result to have a true ally in the laboratory. We do our best, just like you do.

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