Food Cost – Calcolare in cucina, by Franco Luise. Bibliotheca Culinaria

Feb 21 / 2017 12:00AM

Recently, new demands and new consumption trends have emerged in all fields.

Issues such as sustainable consumption and environmental awareness are gaining considerable importance that cannot be overlooked.

The interest in food cost has recently increased as well as the amount of increasingly qualified study devoted to this subject.

As we read in “Food Cost – Calcolare in cucina” (Food Cost – Calculating in the kitchen), published by Bibliotheca Culinaria, this is an aspect that goes far beyond the mere economic side and involves other topics such as business to customer relationships.

Franco Luise, hospitality expert and Executive Chef in charge of managing the opening of important restaurants worldwide, deals with the theme of food cost with great expertise.

Many are the topics covered, including how to control the costs of products and recipes, strategies to define the prices of each menu, daily financial management of the kitchen; all this is aimed at getting the most out of the restaurant business!

The book contains user-friendly tables and charts and deals with all the aspects of the individual topics, from selection of suppliers to purchase of products down to the actual calculation of the food cost – also taking into account the price trends of many products and their performance in relation to their waste.

Management methods, strategies and profiles are analysed as well. The language used is simple and effective. A useful book recommended by Zanolli Library.

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