Il Grande libro del Pane, by Piergiorgio Giorilli and Elena Lipetskaia. Gribaudo

Mar 28 / 2017 12:00AM

This is a real bread-making manual containing the secrets, recipes and insights, created by Piergiorgio Giorilli and Elena Lipetskaia and published by Gribaudo.

The Grande libro del Pane” (The Big Book of Bread), combines the experience of master Giorilli, Professor of CAST Alimenti – the Italian culinary school in Brescia (Zanolli’s historic partner) since 1998, with the expertise of Elena Lipetskaia, food engineer and technologist.

This book is intended for professionals but it will also take amateurs to the discovery of the secrets of the art of bread-making.

Many are the topics covered and each one is analysed with skill and precision: the world of cereal grain, flour, dough, bread faults and their corrections, and much more.

The sections specifically dedicated to bread-making and baking are also very interesting. Fifty among the best Italian breads recipes are explained step by step and accompanied by photos of the final products. A true convenience in the kitchen and laboratory, highly recommended by Zanolli Library!



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