Kit full refractory lining and enhanced heating elements: your Citizen will grow wings!

Jul 24 / 2018 12:00AM

The Zanolli Citizen PW electric pizza oven can be equipped, as optional, of a kit to line the top and the sides of refractory material. This will enable the oven, once it has reached the set temperature, to maintain it more easily. For significant workloads and for the necessity of reaching rapidly the set temperature, you can reinforce the baking chamber with a set of enhanced heating elements, to complement the full refractory lining option.

This set consists of heating elements designed to release even more power than the standard ones. These elements must be installed only at the top: since the bottom is in direct contact with the pizza, the excessive power might overcook its base.

The kit is particularly suitable for a significant and continuous production of pizza when the baking chamber is fully lined with refractory material: the greater power unleashed by the heating elements helps reach the set temperature faster and to better perform at high temperature (max is 400° C). Of course, the standard chamber with just the bottom in refractory material can be reinforced too. In this case, you can expect ultra-rapid cooking and Neapolitan pizza style results.

If you have more than one chamber, you can choose to equip your electric pizza oven with enhanced heating elements in just one of the chambers, to use during production peaks. The possibility of regulating separately top and bottom allows operators to decrease the power at the top as the productivity need slows down.

Thanks to the reinforced heating elements, your baking chamber will perform even more athletically. Zanolli offers to very demanding pizza makers the chance to rely on a tireless oven!

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