What to look for when choosing a kneading machine

Jul 20 / 2020 12:00AM

The Zanolli Comida range has been producing dough kneading machines for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shopssince 1977.

One of the essential tools in every kitchen is the kneading machine. Production demands, the size of the kitchen and the different types of the various doughs determine the choice of machine. Comida offers 6 different lines of kneading machines, each with different models according to production demands. All the kneaders are robust, safe and easy to use. For a rapid overview, the following review highlights the main features of the range.


Impastatrice Galassia_Comida by ZanolliGALASSIA – SPIRAL KNEADING MACHINE FOR PIZZA

Versatile and compact, Galassia Pizza is a best-seller among pizza makers, in part because it offers 7 different bowl capacities: from 8 to 60 kg. It is available with single or dual speed. The chain drive guarantees long life and resistance during processing. The more compact models include versions with tilting head, with or without removable bowl. This kneader is equipped with a sturdy spiral and a dough-splitter, both in stainless steel. It is suitable for working dough with minimum 50% moisture. The wheel kit is optional.



A new-entry in the Comida catalogue: this is an even more powerful and sturdy version, particularly suitable for low-hydration dough. Available with 25 kg or 35 kg capacity, both with dual speed. All the accessories are in stainless steel. A solid frame ensures operation and stability even with low hydration dough and the standard wheels make movement easy. The original elongated shape of the spiral and the rounded shape of the bowl guarantee optimum dough pick-up and detachment from the bottom of the bowl.


Impastatrice_Galassia_Pane Comida by ZanolliGALASSIA PANE – SPIRAL KNEADING MACHINE FOR BREAD

Equipped with a very sturdy mechanism, this kneader is particularly suitable for bakeries, where production volumes are important. Available in 3 models, for 60, 80 and 120 kg, all with dual speed. The bowl is fixed and in stainless steel, like the spiral. The ideal ratio between spiral and bowl ensures optimal oxygenation: it can work dough with at least 50% moisture. The wheels are included. This model is fitted with two motors that allow the bowl to be reversed. Galassia Pane has a double timer to set the processing time for the 2 speeds available. You can use it in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic mode. The wheels and the feet are also provided as standard to ensure stability during operation. It is also equipped with a column with a foot that helps to collect wet dough.


Impastatrice Demetra 30 Comida by ZanolliDEMETRA – MULTIPURPOSE FORK KNEADING MACHINE

The forked tool runs on ball bearings and allows the ingredients to be blended evenly without heating the dough. The capacity is 30 kg but it kneads even small amounts of dough very quickly. It is available in the single or dual speed versions, both featuring a timer. It can knead stiff dough, with a minimum water quantity of 50%. The fork, lid and bowl are made of stainless steel. The simultaneous and opposite rotation of the tool and the bowl helps pick up the mixture. Trolleys with 10 or 40 cm wheels are supplied as optional.



This forked kneading machine is particularly suitable for blending, without heating, stiff and firm dough typically used in bread making. The movement of the fork guarantees optimal oxygenation of the dough, making the finished product more crumbly. It is available in 35 and 60 kg models, both with dual speed. The minimum recommended dough hydration is 50%. The bowl and the lid are made of stainless steel. The slit in the lid allows the dough to be checked and ingredients to be added whilst in operation.


Impastatrice Eracle Comida by ZanolliERACLE – PLUNGING ARM KNEADING MACHINE The plunging arm movement was designed to reproduce the human action. The arms lift the dough, allowing oxygenation and preventing overheating. They also help the even distribution of suspended ingredients. This kneader is useful for making panettone dough, for example, and is often used in patisseries and in the confectionery industry, as well as in pizzerias that want to keep the dough temperature under control for the duration of processing. Eracle by Comida is available with 50, 60, 80 and 100 kg capacities, all with dual speed. Arms, bowl and protection are made of stainless steel. It can knead both stiff doughs and softer doughs that require the gradual addition of ingredients.


NOTE: The standard voltage of Comida machines is 400Vac 3 50hz. Alternative voltages are available upon request and subject to prior approval by the Design Department.


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