Pasticceria Salata, by Ernst Knam. Bibliotheca Culinaria

May 30 / 2017 12:00AM

Ernst Knam is a personality of the cooking world. Usually, all his books or television programmes are a true media event.

His book “Pasticceria Salata” (Savoury pastry) is no exception. It has a solid structure and plenty of photographs, which, as we all know, are very useful while cooking.

“Savoury pastry”, writes Knam, “is quite versatile nowadays; it can be used for appetisers or true dishes. Today, breaking the rules in the kitchen is routine”.

The book contains many examples about that: savoury croissants, quiches with onions and with herbs and Parmesan cheese, pastries with julienned vegetables.

Simple, well-made recipes, ready suitable to both every day’s menu and special events.

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