Frozen strudel portions in the Synthesis tunnel oven

Sep 04 / 2018 12:00AM

In restaurants and snack-bars that use convenience frozen foods, the Zanolli ventilated Synthesis  tunnel oven can be a valuable ally. Taking up limited space, the Synthesis 05/40 Compact offers a practical and fast solution for fresh or precooked products.

Discover the best settings for cooking a medium size portion of frozen strudel.

Remember it is always best to leave the product out of the freezer for at least 2h30.

For a harmonious result, it is important that the stuffing inside can warm up, releasing the aromas, and that the exterior expands and remains crunchy.

For this it is better to cook for a medium duration, at a moderate temperature. We recommend setting the 05/40 Synthesis oven to 190° C, with a baking time of 14 minutes and arrange portions of strudel on a baking tin or a mat. Cooking on the conveyor enables continuous production with a baked product every minute.

Once you have defined the correct settings, you can rely on the Synthesis to cook your strudel.

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