Stuffed frozen focaccia in the Synthesis tunnel oven

Nov 06 / 2018 12:00AM

When time is short and the mouths to feed many, it is natural for restaurants and snack-bars to use precooked and frozen foods that retain the original flavour if heated wisely.

The ventilated Synthesis tunnel oven from Zanolli immediately lends itself to this function. The Synthesis 05/40 Compact model is particularly suitable for smaller workspaces.

We see the example of cooking frozen stuffed focaccia.

The product should not be put in the oven still frozen, but have at least 2 hours outside the freezer.

Especially if inside there is the cheese that must melt, it is important to find the parameters that guarantee yummy cheese inside and a crunchy golden outside.

For the Synthesis 05/40 tunnel oven, we suggest setting the temperature to 260°C and cooking time to 4 minutes. If the interior is not warm enough, we recommend lengthening the cooking time (up to 5 minutes) without changing the temperature. Once the first focaccia is cooked, the others will be ready about 30 seconds apart; that is the real advantage of cooking with the tunnel oven. Continuous production with minimal effort.

Just put the stuffed focaccia portions on the conveyor belt, better if on top of a wire net pizza bottom. At the oven’s exit your focaccia portions will be ready to be served and bite into!

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