A closer look at the Teorema Polis Pw oven (continued)

Nov 21 / 2017 12:00AM

Looking for an easily workable control panel? Teorema Polis PW is the right oven for you! Simple, intuitive and easy to set up. The display colours indicated phases, alarms and settings.

The panel can remember up to 20 cooking programmes with the possibility to set the cooking time and temperature, top and floor power levels (separately) and vaporisation level (optional). The colour display and buzzer signal when cooking has finished.

All the programmes can be named for quick and easy control during work.

There are three functions that are always available to the user: PRE-HEATING, useful for preheating the oven; AUTO-CLEANING, necessary for sanitizing the cooking chamber after long periods of non-use; and the special ECONOMY function.

The tab also allows you to programme the oven to start up twice a day and over the entire week so that you can always have your Teorema Polis PW ready to use.

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Teorema Polis

The watchword is versatility. If you don’t find the version you are looking for, with Teorema Polis you can create your own for whatever you need from Pastry making to baking and pizza production! You can choose different heights of cooking chamber: 18 cm for baking pizzas or for small pastries 30 cm for baking […]