Zanolli at the Pizza World Championship 2019

Apr 08 / 2019 12:00AM

Parma, 9-11 April: Zanolli technical sponsor of Pizza World Championship

The 28th edition of the Pizza World Championship, three days of competitions filled with tasty excitement, is soon to be held in the city of Parma.

The 2018 edition had 763 contestants from all over the world matching their skills; this year around, Zanolli is standing by the pizza makers who decided to take up this three-days competition challenge.

The championship contestants will use our electric ovens to cook their products in the Pizza by Two and No Gluten Pizza categories.

Zanolli has always been in close touch with market demands, including the ever-increasing percentage of people who can’t enjoy a delicious pizza in good company because of their allergies or intolerances.

The no gluten diet is not that well known yet; restaurants and pizza makers who wish to accommodate the special needs of celiacs need to go the extra mile and set up an additional work space complete with an oven, pizza counter and kneading machine just for no gluten products.

This is why Zanolli is providing two little technological jewels, smaller than the traditional 6 or 9 pizza capacity ovens, that can meet serious albeit limited production needs.

These are the Citizen EP70, a static oven with one or two openings that can produce 35 pizzas an hour per cooking chamber, and the Synthesis 05/40 compact, a ventilated belt oven that can make up to 25 pizzas an hour.

During the competition, you will have the opportunity to see our ovens Citizen PW and Teorema Polis at work; drop by our stand 28, hall. 8 and you will also get to know our new Augusto dome electric oven for pizza.

Supporting these events is part of our philosophy, which is about fair and healthy competition; we are proud of our ovens, which we have been making for over 65 years in the country where pizza has gained UNESCO World Heritage Status, and of supporting all the pizza makers who compete in these events, most of all to challenge themselves before anything or anyone else.

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